Kon moción

In Kon moción we are hoping that anyone who wants to dance will find a way to do it and are committed to trying to help make that happen.

Becky Siegel offers class regularly at Huarte’s Modern Art Center. These are mixed-level classes, with a first part in modern technique and a second part in improvisation. Through a very careful use of the body we develop self-awareness. There is a lot of individual attention; each student is given specific insights into how to how to move efficiently and without excessive tension, as well as ideas that help facilitate the generation of movement. We focus on breathing, musicality and a correct alignment that permits agility and full movement without tension. The work in improvisation combines the individual discovery of personal languages and the exploration of the choreographic possibilities of the group. The classes are open to anyone interested in dance, preferably with some previous training. People with disabilities are invited to talk to the teacher to determine the best way to integrate them into these classes.

In the Navarran Association of Multiple Sclerosis (ADEMNA) Becky is accompanied by Montse Zabalza and Marié González. These classes are for people with MS or other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as their family members. We work very gently, with a lot of individual attention, according to the reality of each student, finding ways to increase their movement possibilities; discovering each student’s own dance language as well as finding languages in common that allow us to enjoy dancing together.

In the Navarran Association of Parkinson ANAPAR Siegel offers the same kind of class as in ADEMNA.

In The Association of persons with physical disability of the Ribera of Navarra AMIMET Siegel offers an ongoing workshop of inclusive dance with the dance group "Lua". We work with improvisation to broaden the technical abilities of the students, as well as preparing choreographies for the group’s performances.

For more information about these classes you can contact Becky at Becky or directly with each association.